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After 3 years of hard work our documentary  "… Messina"  is ready – despite the lack of film funds and TV participations in Germany. This long-term observation is a current and poetic metaphor of Europe.

But even if we did not find a suitable premiere venue, considering the film's actuality and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the G7-Summit in Taormina and the G20-Summit in Hamburg,  we decided to put the online movie trailer on Vimeo and YouTube.

We are also pleased to present 3 excellent comments, from people who have already seen the whole film “… Messina”: 

Really impressive Story; in my opinion exactly the kind of European film, we need now: concrete, on-site, reassuring, not postulating but developing values out of the subject matter.
Martin Hagemann
, Film producer and Professor of Film and Television Production at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

I watched the movie at once, and it was truly gripping. It is the same type of real-life fiction that inspires novels. Not to mention that absolutely great D’Arrigo.
Claudio Magris
, recipient of the Erasmus Prize, Prince of Asturias Award, Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, visiting professor at the Collège de France

I finally watched your movie – and I am glad that I waited for a quiet and concentrated moment to do so. Because the pictures clearly depict the fictional world of D’Arrigo. The necessarily vague contours are given a clarity I felt I was living in for moments. 
And without being able to precisely analyze and describe it, I had the impression that the rhythm of your movie transferred the book’s often dominant prosaic rhythm to a new dimension. 
A commentary, an intellectual debate – and at the same time a “realization” in the medium of pictures.
I am very grateful to you for this.

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
, Professor of Literature and Comparative Literature, Stanford University, California, USA, visiting professor at the Collège de France

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The Picture Chamber of Bruno Schulz

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Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory?
Interdisciplinary Series of Events

Lectures / Music: 
Anarchy in the UKR with Juri Andruchowytsch, Ljubko Deresch & Serhij Zhadan - Sobaki v Kosmosi
THE INCANTATION OF THE CIRCE – Giordano Bruno; The  mafia Psyche – with Prof. Girolamo Lo Verso 
Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory? 
Haute cuisine: culinary art – with the Sicilian master chef Corrado Assenza
Flyer interdisciplinary events (PDF)

InTeatro e.V. and Benjamin Geissler Filmproduktion in collaboration with: Machtclub Uebel & Gefährlich; Italienisches Kulturinstitut, Hamburg; Hamburgischer Richterverein; Gesellschaft Hamburger Juristen; Hochschule der Polizei Hamburg; Gallo Nero, Enoteca e Ristorante; Caffè Sicilia; Filmfest Hamburg

Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory? is available on DVD on the Exclusive Online-Shop
subtitled in 5 languages (German, English, French, Italian and Portuguese).

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: H:\Eigene Dateien\Eigene Webs\benjamingeissler-de\images\LP-LM-DVD-Cover-5-Languages.jpg

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RAI RADIOTRE: Interview with Nadia Malverti about our audiobook production: Italian fairy tales in Italian – "Si conta e si racconta" slipcase with 3 CD's and booklet

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: H:\Eigene Dateien\Eigene Webs\benjamingeissler-de\images\speaker-sinistra.gif RAI RADIOTRE programma PIAZZA VERDI – "Favoloso"INTERVISTA  A NADIA MALVERTI CHE PRESENTA “SI CONTA E SI RACCONTA” RACCOLTA AUDIO IN 3 CD DI 20 FIABE POPOLARI ITALIANE Beschreibung: Beschreibung: H:\Eigene Dateien\Eigene Webs\benjamingeissler-de\images\speaker.gif

Tutti sanno chi sono Cappuccetto Rosso e Biancaneve. Ma chi conosce Rosmarina, Don Peppe del Pero, Stella Diana, Pirichicchio? Un regalo speciale, che accompagnerà nel tempo piccoli e grandi.

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: H:\Eigene Dateien\Eigene Webs\benjamingeissler-de\images\Coffanetto-fiabe-3CD-booklet.jpg

For more information's take a look:  

Available on the Exclusive Online-Shop

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The open letter by the writer ANDREA CAMILLERI
regarding the destruction of the UNESCO – World Heritage
Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto, Sicily
under the following link to the Italian newspaper  la Repubblica: