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Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory?

Finding Pictures

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Vincenzo Floridia,
or the last rose of Noto

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Benjamin Geissler

writer, director, director of photography, editor and producer

Languages: German, Italian, English

My philosophy is to create truthful intelligent High-Quality-Products, for which the target audience on the international market is growing: mass audiences as well as better educated viewers, younger and older people.

Bio- / Filmography

Born 1964 in Ohrbeck, Germany. Presently lives in Hamburg.


Messinafeature film screenplay on a original idea by Benjamin Geissler 
Filmförderung Hamburg. 

Selected for the Co-production Forum at the European Cinema & Audiovisual Days, Turin 2007.


EFM, Berlinselected for the EU-MEDIA Stand.


Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory? Interdisciplinary Series of Events: 
idea and realisation: Benjamin Geissler 
Lectures / Music:  Anarchy in the UKR: with Juri Andruchowytsch, Ljubko Deresch 
                            & Serhij Zhadan - Sobaki v Kosmosi
Conferences:        The INCANTATION OF THE CIRCE, Giordano Bruno
                            THE mafia PSYche, with Prof. Girolamo Lo Verso
Film:                    Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory? 
Haute cuisine:      culinary art with the Sicilian master chef Corrado Assenza
Flyer Interdisciplinary Series of Events (PDF)

2008 - 2009

Lost Pictures ∞ Lost Memory? – Psycho-Thriller 
Screenplay , Direction, Camera, Editing, Effects: Benjamin Geissler

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Postproduction)

Festivals, Special Screenings and Awards: World Premiere: Filmfest Hamburg 2009


EFM, Berlinselected for the EU-MEDIA Stand.


EFM, Berlinselected for the EU-MEDIA Stand.


Lost Pictures – Lost Memory? – material preservation 
Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein / Zeit-Stiftung.

Screenplay , Direction, Camera: Benjamin Geissler


World Forum on Strategy and Finance for Cinema 2nd edition, Rome IFF

EFM, Berlinselected for the EU-MEDIA Stand.


The Kouros, original Idea by Jürgen Vollmer – Treatment, feature length fiction for cinema by Jürgen Vollmer and Benjamin Geissler


World Forum on Strategy and Finance for Cinema 1st edition, Rome IFF


Aira feature film treatment on a original idea by Benjamin Geissler 


 Production of the new web-side of the Benjamin Geissler  Filmproduktion.

From 2003

the Benjamin Geissler  Filmproduktion enlarged their activities, including the development and production of feature length fiction and documentary projects for co-productions for the European and International market, as well as Service.


Finding Pictures, documentary 107' Min., 35mm

Filmförderung Hamburg, kulturelle Filmförderung des Bundes (BKM),  Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, kulturelle Filmförderung Mecklenburg – Vorpommern in Co-Operation with arte / mdr
Screenplay , Direction, Camera, Editing, Effects.

Festivals, Special Screenings and Awards: World Premiere: New York,  Center for Jewish History, USA 19.11.2002 • poposed for DEUTSCHER FILMPREIS 2003 • Montreal Jewish Film Festival, CA 2003 • Opening Film - Int. Cracow Film Festival, PL 2003 • Semaine de la Critique - Locarno Film Festival, CH 2003 • AFO GRAND PRIX 2003 - AFO Int. Film Festival, CZ 2003 • Special Event -Leipzig, Int. Dok-Film Festival, D 2003 • Special Event - MOLODIST  Kyiv Int. Film Festival, UA 2003 • Uniwersytet Maria Curie-Skłdowska, Lublin, PL 2003 • Harvard University, Cambridge, USA 2003 • Beth Tzedec Synagogue, Toronto, CA 2003 • Academy of Arts, Berlin, 2003 • 32nd Belgrade Int. Film Festival FEST, YU 2004 • PHOENIX AWARD - Warsaw Int. Jewish Film Festival, PL 2004 • Filmkunstfest Schwerin, D 2004 • 9. Int. Literature Festival Leukerbad, CH 2004 • AUDIENCE AWARD - Festival „Der neue Heimatfilm” Freistadt, A 2004 • Jewish Eye World Jewish Film Festival, Tel Aviv, IL 2004 • Part of the Bruno Schulz Exposition at the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme, Paris, F 10/2004 - 1/2005 • Month of the Arts “Polish-Jewish writers and double identity” - Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies, Stockholm,  S 2005  •  Bruno Schulz Festival, Dublin, IE 2008 • River Film Fest - The World of Josef K., Pisek, CZ 2009.


Time Warp, documentary 96'30" Min. , 35mm
ZDF / Filmförderung Hamburg / Niedersächsische Filmförderung:
Idea, Direction, Camera, Editing. 

Festivals and Awards: Int. Dok-Film Festival Leipzig, D 1999 Max Ophüls Preis, Perspektiven des deutschsprachigen Films, Saarbrücken, D 2000 Tage des unabhängigen Films, Osnabrück, D 2000 Inventur 7 - Filmschau Niedersachsen, Hannover, D 2000 Int. Dok-Film Festival, München, D 2000 Int. Cracow Film Festival, PL 2000 SaarLorLux Film- und Videofestival, Saarbrücken, D 2000 • poposed for DEUTSCHER FILMPREIS 2000 Festival - Der neue Heimatfilm, Freistadt, A 2000 4th Int. Etnic TV Festival AT HOME, Kraków, PL, 2000 The Int. Festival of Documentaries on Regions. Zabrze, PL 2000 AWARD of the Festival Director (Slovakian Filminstitute, Bratislava) - XI. Etnofilm Festival, Čadca, SK  2000 Nominated for PRIX EUROPA - IRIS, Multicultural Television Programme of the Year 2000 


Vincenzo Floridia, or the last rose of Noto,  documentary 69'30" Min. , Beta SP
RAITRE / Niedersächsische Filmförderung: 
Idea, Direction, Camera, Editing. 

Festivals: Tage des unabhängigen Films, Osnabrück, D 1996 Inventur 3 - Filmschau Niedersachsen, Göttingen, D 1996 Festival – Der neue Heimatfilm, Freistadt, A 1996 


funded the own production company, Benjamin Geissler  Filmproduktion specializing in long-term research projects. 


German Dialoguebook of "Gran Bollito" by Mauro Bolognini 
Original-Screenplay: Nicola Badalucco.


Editorial Position in the dubbing of 140 feature films for films as: "Broadway Bound" by Neil Simon, "Simple Men" by Hal Hartley, "Bad Lieutenant" by Abel Ferrara, "¡Dispara!" by Carlos Saura, "Le vie del signore sono finite" by Massimo Troisi, "Puerto Escondido" by Gabriele Salvatores, "Il segreto del bosco vecchio" by Ermanno Olmi, as other 25 Italian titles.


Schiff der Völker a report for NDR: Conception, direction.


Bussmanns in the Wood, documentary 90' Min., 16mm (long-term observation) ZDF:
Idea, Direction, Editing. 

Festivals, Special Screenings: Osnabrück, Tage des unabhängigen Films 1990, COMUNE DI BOLOGNA, Assessorato alla Cultura - Cineteca - Commissione Cinema 1993.


2nd Assistant director for Karl Fruchtmann "trotzdem", RB.


working journey in Italy.

1978 – 1985

own lumberjack company