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Film- Clip: "Il denaro - breve storia dal 1900 fino alla crisi endemica attuale - e le proste d'uscita" 5/ 2010
Intervista Prof. Tonino Perna, Economista e sociologo
Nordwestradio | Gesprächszeit
Prof. Wolfram Elsner,

Video da vedere e da sentire!
intercettazioni - lo stato attuale:
"Rischiamo di non avere piu informazione"

Nordwestradio | Gesprächszeit Benjamin Geissler


The Most Complete Bruno Schulz-Page in the Web

Who Owns Bruno Schulz? –  by Benjamin Paloff - Boston Review

Yad Vashem not displaying Bruno Schulz Holocaust art

The New Yorker: The Critics: Books

Listen here: Oy Mendele! - Jewish Media Conspiracy, Berkeley CA:

The funky (really!) Jewish hip-hop beats of Socalled: interview + music with Socalled and a tour through the work of some of his favorite Jewish musicians, including Aaron Lebedeff, Irving Fields, and Mickey Katz.

Zac Jaffee reviews Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass, the new record by Cracow Klezmer Band that pays tribute to Bruno Schulz.

Benjamin Paloff on the transcendent art, tragic life, and unsettled legacy of Bruno Schulz.

Enjoy! This episode is fortified with 20 extra minutes of content. I guess we can call it our 'feature length' show.

File Type: 85 kbps mp3
Runtime: 01:23:50
Producer: Eric Fixler